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Subsidence and Settlement: Getting it right

Damage resulting from movement caused by subsidence and settlement remains one of the principle problems affecting buildings but it is commonly misunderstood. There is a long history of misdiagnosis and of the implementation of excessive and/or inappropriate remediation works. Property professionals need to be able to diagnose the cause or causes of defects observed, make judgements as to whether corrective action is necessary or desirable, including with respect to previous action, and to understand best current remediation practice. This course is delivered by a leading specialist in the field and has been developed to assist in ensuring adoption of best practice.

The learning outcomes of this course provide an understanding of:

  • subsidence and settlement
  • definition and insurance
  • external causes of movement
  • inherent weaknesses in buildings
  • measurement and monitoring
  • remediation techniques and their consequences
  • current approaches
  • case studies

Maciek Kawecki is the principal of Subsidence Management Ltd, one of the leading specialist practices in the UK, and is an accredited Expert Witness of the Law Society in matters relating to subsidence, heave and landslip and tree root nuisance. He has previously worked as a loss adjuster and as a university lecturer in Western Australia.

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Maciek Kawecki BSc PhD CEng MIME, Principal, Subsidence Management Ltd


The Hog’s Back Hotel Farnham GU10 1EX


Wednesday 3 October 2018, 1.50pm–5.10pm

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