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The Building Regulations in 2017: An update

Understanding and working with the Building Regulations are essential for the success of all development projects, but even the most experienced practitioners find it frustrating and confusing, and that is exacerbated by the need to keep pace with the frequent changes. This annual course addresses that by explaining how the Regulations operate in practice, and by providing a concise and up-to-date overview of changes that have been and are being made. It deals selectively with some of the approved documents, examines their implications and considers the future. It covers the implementation of the extensive changes that were made in October 2015, and anticipates further changes likely to be brought forward.

The course covers:

  • the current system in practice
  • recent amendments to the Regulations
  • recent changes to the Approved Documents
  • interaction with other legislation
  • proposed and possible future changes

Owen Edwards is Senior Project Manager for Butler and Young, who he joined in 2005. He has more than 20 years’ experience in the public and private sectors, and has been involved in a wide range of major projects. He is an outstandingly successful contributor to training and CPD courses.

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Owen Edwards MRICS MCABE, Butler and Young


The Hog’s Back Hotel Farnham GU10 1EX


Wednesday 18 October 2017, 9:20am–12:40pm

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