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Understanding Current Practice in Building Services

New regulations and the ever-changing expectations of occupiers lead to constant changes in the choice of building services available. This session deals with current trends on a need-to-know basis focussing on the significance to property owners, occupiers and professionals. It will range over SBEM and SAP calculations, the bearing they have on heating and ventilation systems together with new approaches to lighting. The choices of available systems will be considered along with new technologies currently available for use in new buildings and retrofit. The pitfalls and shortcomings of some systems will be considered and simple steps to recognise and identify many of the systems and features will be discussed.

The learning outcomes of this course provide an understanding of:

  • the impact of innovation and new regulations on:
  • heating
  • ventilation – including mechanical and natural ventilation systems
  • hot water systems
  • lighting technologies
  • comfort cooling/air conditioning
  • the impact of new technologies on initial design and their potential for retrofitting
  • limitations on applicability and problems in practice
  • SBEM and SAP
  • recognising what you find – examples of not so common systems from records of actual surveys

Jeff Ware and David Baldrey specialise in all forms of electrical and mechanical aspects of the building services and construction industry. Their diverse range of work includes: design and specification; surveying; feasibility studies; inspections; valuations; reports and recommendations.

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Jeff Ware IENG MIET ACIBSE and David Baldrey BSc (Hons) MCIBSE , ITD Consultants Ltd


Hockley Golf Club, Twyford SO21 1PL


Wednesday 5 December 2018, 9:20am–12:40pm

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