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Requesting a New Journal Subscription

Requests for new journal subscriptions should be made on the same Library Suggestion Card as for books and they are subjected to a similar approval procedures.

Subject lists and price details can be obtained from Ulrichsweb.  Beware that there is often is a wide disparity between the subscription price charged to an individual and that charged to an institution.

Subscriptions are normally on a calendar-year basis. A publisher will normally apply a subscription order received in the latter half of the year to the next volume due (or calendar year). That is, the publisher may not supply back issues for the current year.

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We are required by our suppliers to inform them of any journal subscriptions that are not going to be renewed by the end of September (for the following calendar year). Otherwise we will still have to pay. Therefore it is important for departments to review their journal lists around June.

Requests for new journal orders need to be received by us in sufficient time, so that the subscription can commence with a new volume or year. Many publishers will not back-date subscriptions

Targets - Journals/Newspapers


UK national daily newspapers
Newspapers are processed by 9am each weekday (if delivered by 8.45 am)
Printed journal issues
Print journals are processed by noon each weekday (if delivered by 9.30 am)


New titles- print
Within 5 working days
New titles - electronic journals or databases
Within 5 working days
Journal queries
Simple or urgent -Actioned within 24 hours Complex queries- 2 working days
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