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What works are protected?

Copyright only protects those categories of work as specified in the CDPA:

  1. Literary works for example, books, journals, newspaper articles, poems, emails, blogs, software, lyrics for songs and instruction manuals
  2. Artistic works for example, paintings, drawings, engravings, sculptures, photographs, diagrams, maps, works of architecture and works of artistic craftsmanship such as jewellery and pottery
  3. Musical works this refers to the musical notes and not the words (which are literary works)
  4. Dramatic works the non-spoken part of a presentation, including dance and mime
  5. Broadcasts which may be transmitted by cable or wireless means and including satellite broadcasts, but excluding most transmissions on the internet
  6. Sound recordings not limited by format, they can be recordings of other copyright works such as music, TV soundtracks or literature, or other sounds such as birdsong and transport
  7. Film including TV programmes, movies (e.g. on Blu-ray or DVD) and home video
  8. Typography this protects the typographical layout of a publication

In general, if material has been recorded in any way it is covered by copyright law and permission must be sought for its use.

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