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Library Introductions

The Library has produced a collection of web pages under the heading of "Introducing ..." designed to provide an introduction to our various service and facilities. The collection consists of stand alone pages which can be linked from any other service (eg. Moodle). The individual pages can also be assembled into multi-page presentations. Each page consists of an overview of the topic under discussion, links to more detailed or related information and in many cases a short video.

A number of these pages and presentations have already been published (you'll find them on the Library home page menu - just click Introducing ...) and more are in preparation.

Please feel free to incorporate these pages or presentations in your teaching materials. A complete list of those currently available can be seen at

If you have a need for an introductory page for any aspect of the Library's services or facilities, or would like a custom presentation prepared, please contact Colin Work (email

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