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Where's Your Zone

We want all students to have a great place to study and research and we realise that what suits one student doesn't always suit another.  The Library therefore has zoning throughout, with different activities permitted in different zones.

General Behaviour

Study Zones

Social Zone

Social learning

On the ground floor, first floor and in 3rd Space in the Student Centre next door you can work on your own or in groups amid an energising buzz of activity. 

  • Please think of others and keep your conversations at a reasonable volume.  
  • cold snack food may be consumed.
  • hot food can be consumed only if purchased from the Library cafe
Silent Zone

Individual silent study

 The second floor is an Individual Silent Study Zone: a haven for silently studying on your own without distractions.

  • Mobile phones must be in silent mode and only texting is permitted
  • Headphones may be used but they must not create a noise others can hear
  • Food is not allowed
  • Talking and group work are not permitted

Please take the time to find the study area that is right for you.

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