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Automatic Renewals

The University Library introduced an automatic renewals service for all our clients in September 2015.

Automatic renewals mean that the Library takes care of the routine renewal of your loans.

Automatic Renewal is done one week before a loan is due. We will not renew all your loans – just those due in a week’s time, provided:

You will receive a notification from the Library (by default, this is emailed  to your University of Portsmouth email account or to the email account you have supplied as an External reader):

Two days before the loans we were not been able to renew are due to be returned, we will email you a further reminder. Please do check My Account and try to renew your own loans: it may be that the issue that originally meant that we could not carry out an automatic renewal for you has now been resolved.

If your loans are not renewed automatically by the Library and you do not renew them yourself after receiving your reminder notification, we will send you out further overdue reminders by email and, if there is no response, as a printed notification to your postal address.

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