Haslar IRC Painting, Drawing and Sculpture

Haslar IRC, Gosport: Education Department

10 February – 1 May 2009

Haslar Immigration Removal Centre has over 150 male detainees waiting for their applications for asylum or permission to stay in this country to be considered. The display shows detainees’ art work.

The Education Department, which offers courses in English, Art, I.T., Numeracy, Health and Safety, Food Hygiene, and Music, is managed by Highbury College.

‘The Art Department offers a rich variety of subjects in both art and crafts and encourages the practice of art as a means of enabling students to explore and affirm their own identities and cultures. Most of the ceramic sculptures on display are made wth air-drying clay…’

The artists whose work was shown were originally from Algeria, Chad, China, Nigeria and Uganda.

Haslar 1.jpg Haslar 2.jpg

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