Remembrance of Times and Places Past

Timothy Collinson, Faculty Librarian, Technology

September 2010 – January 2011

A personal yet intriguing display of memories and memorabilia from one person’s formative years.

Collinson 1

1972-1974, USA, aged 7-9

For two years I lived with my family in Virginia Beach, Virginia on the east coast of the USA.  Dad was in the Royal Navy for nearly 40 years but spent two of them on exchange with an American naval officer.  The two and bit years I did with three siblings in Grade school were very formative.  I have a very few memories of life before this era, but this seemed like a special time then and still does now.

 Collinson 2

1976-1981, England, aged 11-16

Secondary school for me was Kingham Hill boarding school in Oxfordshire – not far from Chipping Norton.  While I can’t say it was the happiest days of my life, I certainly have a lot of memories of the place and still count one friend made there, Andrew, as amongst my closest.

 Collinson 3

1983-1984, Nigeria, aged 18-19

After my A-levels I spent a ‘year out’ in the African bush.  40 miles from the nearest town, six miles from the nearest road, two miles from the nearest village and a mile from the nearest water, United Faith Tabernacle College was built on farmland and catered for children aged roughly 11-16 (although some were younger and some of my students were 20 or so having missed a lot of school).  Ostensibly I taught English, Geography and Religious Knowledge to the younger children – but always maintain I learned more about other cultures, peoples, language etc than I ever taught.

 Collinson 4

1987-1989, S.E. Asia, New Zealand, Australia, aged 22-24

After graduating I joined the book ship Doulos for two years of voluntary work.  The ship took books into countries where they were hard to get hold of, worked with local churches in various ministries, and trained the likes of myself and 350 other people of all ages from 40 odd countries in everything from launching a lifeboat to, in my case at least, preaching a sermon.

 Collinson 5


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