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Seminar Rooms

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The University Library has 2 seminar rooms that are available primarily for Library staff use. In addition the Postgraduate Suite has a large study space, equipped with a projector and screen; this room can be used for postgraduate staff and students for group presentations.


Seminar rooms 1 (room 0.25) & 2 (room 0.26) are located on the ground floor of the library, to the rear of the IT/ library helpdesk. The postgraduate study space is located at the rear of the library in room 0.38. See the ground floor plan for details.

Booking & Availability

The Seminar Rooms are not part of the room booking system used for Group Study rooms, and can normally only be booked by Library staff through Google calendar. Other University staff may be able to arrange use of the rooms by sending a request to or phoning ext 3228. Note that no bookings from non-Library staff will be accepted during October and November.

There is no booking procedure for the Postgraduate Study Space.

When not in use, the Seminar Rooms are made available for general student use as extra study space at busy periods during 24 hour opening.

Equipment Available

Seminar Room 1

Seminar Room 1

Suitable for teaching groups of up to 30 students, with standard desktop PCs provided

Seminar Room2

Seminar Room 2

A large room, capable of seating approximately 50 people.

PG Study Suite

Postgraduate study space

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