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Emma Winter

  • Role Title: PhD student
  • Address: Richmond Building Portland Street Portsmouth PO1 3DE
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  • Department: Marketing and Sales
  • Faculty: Portsmouth Business School


Nationality:                 Director of Studies: Dr Sarah Turnbull and Dr Liza Howe-Walsh               Year of graduation:

Emma Winter is the Director of Undergraduate Marketing Programmes at Portsmouth Business School.  She teaches on both Undergraduate and Postgraduate units, particularly in the areas of services marketing and marketing strategy.  Prior to academia, Emma spent a number of years working as a product manager for a UK bank.

Her research interests relate to services marketing, specifically the concept of servicescape and issues related to the provision of Higher Education as a service, and she has published and spoken at a number of academic and industry conferences on this topic.

Emma is currently undertaking a PhD exploring the University servicescape and how this impacts upon student choice.

Research Synopsis

Within the field of services marketing, it has been widely acknowledged for some time that the place in which a service is consumed – the servicescape – will have an effect upon consumer behaviour.   Although most frequently applied to retail settings, it is argued that the concept of physical servicescape is equally applicable in a non-retail setting (Rosenbaum & Massiah, 2011). Given the growing interest in student-centred learning and pedagogy (Gibbs, 1981) there is a move for universities to create new types of learning environments which are deliberately designed to promote better teaching, learning and interaction (Radcliffe, Wilson, Powell, & Tibbetts, 2008).  Therefore the educational environment is one such example of a non-retail setting where the concept of servicescape is valid and it would be beneficial for it to be considered. 

HE is an experience-centric service – a service where a distinct customer experience is the basis of the offering (Voss, Roth, & Chase, 2008) and that experience is crucially shaped by the service delivery environment (Zomerdijk & Voss, 2010).   Despite this, the concept of servicescape within HE remains undiscussed and underexplored.  By developing a series of studies based on a continental style approach to a PhD, this research builds on work already published (Winter & Chapleo, 2015) and aims to contribute to knowledge by exploring the nature of the HE servicescape and how it impacts upon student choice. 

It is intended that the contributions to knowledge will be as follows:

  1. The creation of an updated conceptual model of servicescape which more accurately reflects the impact of today’s broad consumption environment on the 21st century consumer
  2. An understanding of what constitutes the HE servicescape
  3. An understanding of how the HE servicescape impacts on prospective students' decision making and choice of institution.
  4. Knowledge of the effects of the holistic servicescape upon the consumer