Term dates and early closures

term dates


Term dates

  • Monday 1​8th September to Friday 1​5th December 201​7​ (13 weeks)
  • Monday ​8th January to ​Thursday 29th March 201​8​ (12 weeks)
  • Monday 2​3rd​ April to Friday​ 1st June 201​8​ (6 weeks)

Vacation dates

  • Christmas vacation - Monday 1​8th December 201​7​ to Friday ​5th January 201​8​
  • Easter vacation - Monday​ 2nd ​April to Friday 2​0th​ April 201​8​
  • Summer vacation - Monday ​4th June to Friday 1​4th September 201​8​

Early 4.00pm closures

  • Wednesday 2​5th October 201​7​
  • Wednesday ​7​h February 201​8​
  • Wednesday 2​1st​ March 201​8​

Nursery CLOSED

  • Friday 2​2nd​ December 201​7​ to Monday 1st January 201​8​
  • Friday ​30th March​ 201​8​ (Good Friday)
  • Monday​ 2nd ​April 201​8​ (Easter Monday)
  • Monday ​7th ​May 201​8​ (Bank Holiday)
  • Monday 2​8th May 201​8​ (Bank Holiday)
  • Monday 2​7th August 201​8​ (Bank Holiday)
  • Monday 1​0th September 201​8​ (staff development)

University vacations

The nursery is open throughout the Summer and Easter vacation periods but closes for approximately two weeks at Christmas. During the vacations the nursery operates with fewer staff than usual and therefore places for children are limited.

Parents need to book vacation sessions in advance. During the summer vacation, places are available to children of University students, University staff and outside users and are allocated on a 'first come, first served' basis. Parents may book as few or as many vacation sessions as they wish. There is no retainer fee for those parents who choose not to use the nursery in the vacations.