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Facing the Future: How Futures and Foresight Can Enable Strategic Alignment

  • Date: 11 October 2016
  • Time: 5.30pm
  • Venue: Portsmouth Business School, Portland Building

How far into the future do your plans stretch? 2 years, 3 years? 6 months?

Jeff Gold, Visiting Professor to Portsmouth and York St John Universities explained how Futures and Foresight can become an acceptable and valued addition to responding to uncertainty. He demonstrated how from a small beginning with internal champions, Futures and Foresight was the stimulus to a higher level of strategic thinking and alignment.

In many organisations, the ability of leaders to stretch their talk and thinking to anything beyond three years is very limited. Indeed, such is the pressure of the present, it is highly likely that anything further than 6 months is the most common response. This inability can produce a form of strategic myopia that falls into the category of what one writer has called ‘functional stupidity’.  Against this, the 4th Industrial Revolution is upon us raising more difficulties, more uncertainties but more possibilities.

Futures and Foresight is the interdisciplinary process to discover and understand possible, plausible, probable, desirable and creatable long term futures. For leaders of organisations, the integration of Futures and Foresight skills into their activities means they can more effectively anticipate and influence the future and work towards their preferred future. However, very few leaders have integrated Futures and Foresight into their organisations with the result that they have to respond in a very reactive manner to what happens. 

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