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Degree Apprenticeships

A heavily subsidised scheme to help you and your business
This programme is aimed at new recruits to your organisation, as well as current employees.

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Information for Employers

The Degree Apprentice represents a strategy to retain and recruit your talent which going forward can help you to achieve your organisational goals, reduce skills shortages and offer a way to grow your own work force. Furthermore, the government contributes to the majority of the funding - the cost of learning.

This day release approach to learning is strongly work-based so, although employees will be studying in the University for the day they will be directly solving work-based problems, therefore overcoming challenges within the organisation. The achievements made can be shared through an e-portfolio so evidencing progress.

As well as day release we offer a blended learning approach to independent learning, utilising the virtual learning environment (Moodle), available for apprentices to access in their own time.

The courses offer full mentoring with an option of outside leaders assisting from the local community. If you prefer managing and mentoring your Degree Apprentice it is a great development opportunity for your existing workforce, especially for staff who do not currently have people management responsibilities. The University provides the support they need via mentoring courses. Please contact us for further information.

Most employers find that investing in the skills of their workforce helps their business brand by demonstrating their commitment to delivering high-quality products and services. In other words, your clients will be reassured that you will have the skills to carry out their current and future contracts.

The video below will provide you with an oversight of the Degree Apprenticeship:

As well as having access to the University's excellent services there will be a strong link to the local business community via our Hot Topic events and apprenticeship weeks.


The next steps - selecting or recruiting your Degree Apprentice

Your first step is to contact our local Degree Apprenticeship Team (telephone +44 (0) 23 9284 4488) who will organise a visit to ensure that the Degree Apprenticeship route fits with your needs to grow the talent in your organisation. Read more.


Apprentice standard: Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship

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