Portsmouth Business School

MBA Scholarships

Executive MBA Scholarships for 2016/17

Portsmouth Business School invites interest from self-funding candidates* who wish to be considered for a limited number of MBA scholarships still available during August to applicants who plan to begin the Executive MBA course for the 2016-17 academic year.

In order to be considered, interested candidates should complete a scholarship application form, writing an essay in response to the scholarship question, and submit it by Monday, 5th September 2016 to mba.admissions@port.ac.uk.  In addition, applicants should have also applied for admission to the course, and been offered a place, by the scholarship deadline.

Scholarship decisions are based on the strength of a candidate’s scholarship essay, although some consideration may also be given to the candidate’s qualifications and experience outlined in the admissions application. Winners will be notified in early September and have two weeks in which to formally accept their MBA scholarship offer.

30% Tuition MBA Programme Scholarships

Portsmouth Business School is pleased to make a number of 30% tuition MBA programme scholarships available to self-funding applicants* who will take up their offer of a place on the Executive MBA course from September 2016.

Programme scholarships are offered to attract qualified business managers with high motivation and a commitment to leadership development through postgraduate study who will take up their offer of a place on the Executive MBA course from September 2016. 

30% Tuition MBA Programme Scholarship 61KB

Please submit your completed Scholarship Form by Monday,5th September 2016.


* Please note that self-funding candidates are those who do not have access to external sources of financial assistance.  Scholarship recipients will be asked to confirm that they ​are self-funding when they accept their scholarship offer.