Portsmouth Business School

MBA Scholarships

Executive MBA Scholarships for 201/18 (more information will be available soon)

Each year Portsmouth Business School decides how best to allocate funds to support MBA applicants entering the course for the next academic year.  Financial support can take the form of:

  • MBA Scholarships (for self-funding applicants only)  – Please revisit this web page for further details; more information will be available soon.
  • MBA Company Concession – a 20% reduction in MBA tuition fees when a company supports two or more of its employees enrolling on the Executive MBA course in the same academic year.

Other sources of financial support can include:

Company Sponsorship - MBA applicants can explore the potential for company support and financial sponsorship.  The business benefits of MBA study, such as the immediate application of new knowledge and skills at work and enhanced capabilities as a leader, can be articulated in a business case for organisational support.

University Alumni Scholarship – Graduates of the University of Portsmouth may be entitled to a 20% alumni scholarship on any self-funding elements of their tuition fees. Please visit www.port.ac.uk/alumnischolarship for more information.

Postgraduate Loans - The UK government has launched a postgraduate loan scheme providing loans of up to £10,000 to UK and EU nationals for postgraduate study. For further information, please visit www.port.ac.uk/pgl.

* Please note that self-funding candidates are those who do not have access to external sources of financial assistance.  Scholarship recipients will be asked to confirm that they ​are self-funding when they accept their scholarship offer.