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2015 proved to be another highly successful year for Portsmouth Business School (PBS).  The undoubted highlight was in September when we welcomed over 800 colleagues from over 40 countries to the Annual British Academy of Management (BAM) Conference – the largest BAM Conference ever!  Building on this success we are now busy planning to host the 58th Conference of the Operational Research Society in September 2016, and the following year the Association of Law Teachers 52nd Conference will visit us (April 2017). Portsmouth, and PBS, are rapidly becoming the go-to place for Conferences given our growing academic reputation (we were ranked as the top Alliance Group University by the Chartered Association of Business Schools -  ABS - in their ‘Tables of Tables’ following the national REF2014 exercise). Of course, being the birthplace of Dickens and Brunel, our unparalleled naval heritage, and long beachfront also help make a Conference in Portsmouth particularly memorable!!

We are now seeking to consolidate our research position by investing strongly in the appointment of new Professors. Karen Johnston, Professor of Organisational Studies, and Nick Rumens, Professor of HRM, have joined to reinforce our Human Resource Management team (identified as a particular area of strength by the REF2014 Business and Management panel), while Fotios Pasiouras, Professor of Banking and Finance, provides additional leadership to our already strong finance group. By the end of 2016 we expect to have recruited a further five Professors externally, complementing the 2015 internal appointment of Alessio Ishizaka in the field of Operational Research.

Over the past few years we have built a conducive research environment that provides the funds and academic support to all our researchers. In return they target the top academic journals in their field and deliver on the impact front, making a difference to the way governments, businesses (large and small) and the third sector conceive, take and implement decisions. The extremely significant impact of our research in economic, social and policy-making terms beyond academia was acknowledged in REF2014, where we were ranked fifth, behind just Cambridge, Strathclyde, the London School of Economics, and Reading, of the 39 largest (35+ staff submitted) Business and Management submissions. Two of our case studies concerning our work with the Royal Navy and the impact of our research on fisheries policy can be viewed here.

Impact video 1
Impact video 1
1:54 minutes

Andy Thorpe: Influencing National and Regional Fisheries in Krygzstan

Impact video 2
Impact video 2
1:38 minutes

Shabbar Jaffry - Naval Manpower Planning Model

New research with a global reach in impact terms is currently being undertaken by Caroline Cox (Law) on the trade in Ghost Ivory, Peter Lee (Strategy, Enterprise and Innovation) on the ethics of drones – and their use in UK airspace, Joe Cox and Thang Nguyen (Economics and Finance) who are working with lendwithcare to further the use of crowdfunding techniques to alleviate poverty in the developing world, and Rachel Spearing (Law) who addresses how to improve the wellbeing of barristers by reducing worklife stress.  Spearing’s work is part of a wider project into wellbeing in the legal profession which has led to the setting up of a UK wellbeing in the legal profession network with growing international links.   There is just so much going on here!


Highlights of the 12th PBS Research and Innovation Conference 2016 (please click the link above to view the video)

Professor Andy Thorpe, Associate Dean (Research)