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Global talent needs to be nurtured. Organizations need to attract, develop and retain individuals that are able to be assigned global roles working with cross-border responsibilities and with multi-cultural teams. More importantly, they need employees that can lead teams and effect change within such complex environments. Developing such ‘global leaders’ is seen by many organisations to be a strategic priority (Howe-Walsh and Turnbull, 2012). 

Global Leadership development

There are a number of assessment instruments used to develop global leaders. We use an assessment tool called the Global Competencies Inventory (GCI). The GCI provides a full report of the individual’s global competencies and an assessment of each of the three dimensions; Perception Management, Relationship Management and Self-Management. The report indicates for each competency low, moderate or high. In addition the report provides an overall competence score for each individual. It is these scores that provide the basis for development. The initial GCI assessment provides a valuable starting point for an individual’s personal development.

We have used the GCI effectively in a number of contexts and countries, including United Kingdom (UK), Qatar and United Arab Emirates (UAE) to help individuals and organisations identify and develop their global leadership competencies.

One area that we have used the GCI effectively has been to encourage and support the development of women.

Our team

The Global leadership team at Portsmouth combine academic excellence with real world business experience. 

In the news

2015/2016 Liza and Sarah were nominated as Aurora Champions for the leadership foundation for higher education to support women to develop their leadership potential. 

August 9th 2015: Researcher Dr Liza Howe-Walsh and colleagues were shortlisted for the Emerald best international symposium award at the Academy of Management, Vancouver, Canada for their paper 'Female Entrepreneurship in Qatar: Enhancing policy to support business?'

Expatriate research shortlisted

August 21st 2014: Research by Liza Howe-Walsh on employees who work abroad has been shortlisted for an award by the Forum for Expertise Management. The Forum is the largest global network for practitioners working with expatriates and its awards, the Expatriate Management and Mobility Awards (EMMA's), are widely seen as the industry's equivalent of the Oscars. Liza carried out her recsearch as part of her Professional Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) studies.

Best International symposium award

August 11th 2014: Researchers Dr Liza Howe-Walsh and Dr Sarah Turnbull have won best international symposium at the Academy of Management. Their symposium 'Bursting Pipeline: Gender, HR, And Avenues For Regional Development in The Arab Middle East' won the 2014 Emerald Best International Symposium Award in Philadelphia, USA.

Female scientists face blatant sexism

July 8th 2014: Women researchers in science and technology in UK universities face an entrenched bias when being hire or promoted, according to new research. A small-scale study has found clear evidence that some universities appear to address glaring sexism. Read more.