Portsmouth Business School

Leadership Development in Entrepreneurship Education: Building Futures

This is a collaborative research project between University of Winchester and University of Portsmouth and funded by the Leadership Foundation in Higher Education. 

This project aims to understand the roles, barriers and enablers of academic leaders in developing an entrepreneurial education and the leadership pre-requisites that can support sustained development of these staff to reach their future visions.

The project objectives are to:

  • To build within Enterprise and Entrepreneurship curriculum leaders, a shared understanding of definitions of enterprise and entrepreneurship
  • To explore, capture and share (via video and report) current leadership practices in the creation and delivery of an entrepreneurial curriculum
  • To develop futures, foresight and creative strategic thinking to enable curriculum leaders to communicate visions, influence others and support the leader’s implementation of change
  • To analyse and disseminate video narratives and leadership workshop findings to the wider HE community.
  • To launch a Community of Practice (CoP) in entrepreneurship education and co-produce further leadership development workshops to support entrepreneurship in the curriculum

We are interested in collaborating with researchers, academics, enterprise educators and entrepreneurs in this process.