22nd Organisational Storytelling Seminar - Leadership in the 'Post-Truth' era: storytelling for good or evil?

In this seminar, we discussed how new conceptual and methodological developments in storytelling literature including narrative and discourse studies (e.g. positioning theory, rhetorical analysis, and psychoanalysis, and counter-narrative) can help explore and elucidate the complexity of leadership storytelling processes. The seminar was hosted by the Centre for Leadership and Strategy and was held on the 8th June 2017. Read more

Portsmouth Business School's Responsible Business Week Conference

The Centre for Strategy and Leadership played its part in the Business School's Responsible Business Week Conference in collaboration with Business in the Community.

The conference, organized by Professor McCalman, Zoe Dann, Associate Dean (Students) and colleagues from the Business Servcies and Research Office brought together responsible leaders and businesses as well as showcasing our own students engagement in issues such as, Developing a Fairer Society, Sustainability and Wellbeing.  Read more 

Inaugural Lecture

by James McCalman, Professor of Leadership Studies, Director of the Centre for Structure and Leadership.

James McCalman is a senior executive with leadership in the private, higher education, and charitable sectors.

'Part of the solution or part of the problem - do we really need leaders?' James McCalman Inaugural Lecture.


Book for website published 3rd May 2015

Leading Cultural Change - The Theory and Practice of Successful Organizational Transformation 

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