Portsmouth Business School

SAP Next-Gen Lab Portsmouth

A Cross-Faculty Innovation Community involving SAP Leonardo and its links with Enterprise Management and the SAP Digital Core; The Internet of Things (IoT); Machine Learning; Business and Data Analytics; Big Data Analysis; Blockchain; and Design Thinking.

What we offer

  • An Annual Digital Innovation Conference

    With both company speakers and presentations by academics closely involved with modern business systems, enterprise management and digital transformation, Portsmouth's 'Next-Gen' conference, takes a hard look at how business is best managed using the latest enterprise software, with a focus on market leading packages from German company SAP SE. The transformation of business so that people, businesses and things are connected in real time to make optimal decisions involves the internet of things, block chain, machine learning, big data, business analytics, dash boarding and design thinking.

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    An Annual Digital Innovation Conference
  • SAP expertise available to Companies, Partners & our Students

    Portsmouth Business School has been involved with SAP in teaching since 2009. In 2017, the digital transformation came to Portsmouth, as the new digital core (S/4HANA ERP), a faster data warehouse (BW on HANA), in-memory analytics with SAP HANA, and more powerful customer engagement management game in giving its enterprise management students in a class leading education using state of the art software. It also allows companies to sample S/4HANA through taster sessions in small groups, or to access 'proof of concept' systems at low cost through our partnership with SAP and the University Competence Centre at the Technical University of Munich (UCC-TUM).

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    SAP expertise available to Companies, Partners & our Students
  • Student Employabiity & Corporate Education Options

    Portsmouth is keen to work with any company who wishes to employ our students on placement or as graduates. Some of our former students are now employed at companies such as SAP, Google and Microsoft - but they are also employed by companies that use SAP to run their global operations. Our students have access to SAP Learning Hub Courses, both the Student Edition whilst at university, and the Professional Edition thereafter, at much lower than stock prices. Companies wishing to train their staff can send their staff on both campus-based full or sandwich degrees, or a part time course studied while holding down a paid job - one of our degree apprenticeships.

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    Student Employabiity & Corporate Education Options
  • Company Involvement in the Learning Process

    Partner companies sometimes provide a problem requiring a solution, and ask our students to work in teams on a short term consultancy basis, and then to report back with their findings. These are arrived at by taking a design thinking and/or problem-based learning approach to our state of the art 'TEAL Studio One' collaboration and consulting suite. Our students are in demand for placement opportunities, both over full year terms, and over shorter summer holiday periods. Students work in groups to research a variety of solutions, and the information captured.

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    Company Involvement in the Learning Process
  • Undergraduate, Postgraduate & Doctoral Study Opportunities

    Check out our 'Courses' section of this website to review the courses related to digital transformation and enterprise management that Portsmouth Business School offers. Students will work with the latest software packages to gain practical skills, while learning the theory behind Enterprise resource planning, predictive analytics, data visualisation sentiment analysis, the impact of the cloud on business, the linking of people businesses and things new business tools and currencies, the use of data in new ways and the extraction of meaning from corporate data in seconds.

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    Undergraduate, Postgraduate & Doctoral Study Opportunities