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Study Support team
Study Support team - here to help


The Business School has five study support tutors; Judith MartinJulia Matheson, Aron Truss, Lynn Lansbury and Kevin Jacks available to help you improve and develop your academic skills and ensure that you obtain the support you need in any area related to your study.

How can they support you?

Please view the 'how can they support you video' here.

Services include:

  • Support with academic writing (essays, reports, dissertations)
  • Tips on delivering presentations and working in groups (including observing and filming presentations)
  • Support with understanding and using your assignment feedback
  • Support with managing your time and workload
  • Support and advice about effective revision and exam techniques
  • A variety of workshops, focussing on study skills, will be offered throughout term time. See link to list above. You will be reminded of these, on your university e-mail address, in the week before each workshop
  • One-to-one or small group tutorials
  • Tailored assistance with use of English

The tutors can also review small sections of your written work, focusing on specific issues such as grammar, English and academic writing style. They will aim to return your work to you within two working days, with comments. Please remember to proof read your work as thoroughly as possible, before sending it to the tutors.

What do students say about Study Support?

Please view the 'what do student say about Study Support' video here

How can I see them?

Tutorial sessions are available from Monday - Friday (9am - 4pm). The tutors are available throughout term time, and some of the vacation periods (including exam resit periods). You can see a tutor one-to-one, or can come in a group of up to three, PBS students, if you want to discuss the same issue. It is important that you let us know, when you make the appointment, that you wish to attend with other students.

Do I need to do anything else?

If you need support with a specific piece of work, please email your work to the tutors before your appointment, along with your assignment title and your student number. This gives us time to prepare for our meeting and ensures that we will be able to support you appropriately.

Do my personal tutor/lecturers find out if I visit you?

The tutors operate independently from your course staff, so they will not contact them without your permission.

Please watch our video on feedback at the University.

Please note

This service can be used by any student whose home faculty is Portsmouth Business School. If you are registered with another faculty, alternative learning support provision may be available in your department. For more details, speak to your course team.

Study Support is not a proofreading service, when looking at work the focus is on study skills issues. If you are concerned about proofreading you may make an appointment to discuss the skills involved.

The Study Support team can only give limited support with use of English and recommend that all international students register for English for Academic Purposes classes.

The School of Languages and Area Studies (SLAS) run a Global Cafe for students from all faculties to mix and practice speaking English, in a fun environment. It is held in the cafe of Park Building from 3.30 to 4.30 every Wednesday afternoon in term time.