Portsmouth School of Architecture


Head of School

Ms Pamela Cole Head of School

Academic Staff

Mr Stephen Anderson Senior Lecturer
Mr Martin Andrews Senior Lecturer
Mr Greg Bailey Senior Lecturer
Deniz Beck Part 3 Tutor
Mr Daniel Blott Principal Lecturer
Mr Roberto Braglia Senior Lecturer
Ms Rachael Brown Senior Lecturer
Richard Burgess Architecture Studio Tutor
Dr Silvio Caputo Senior Lecturer
Lee Cheong Interior Architecture and Design Studio Tutor
Ms Heather Coleman Senior Lecturer
Mrs Paula Craft-Pegg Principal Lecturer; Course Leader – MArch Master of Architecture
Ms Nicola Crowson Principal Lecturer; Course Leader – BA (Hons) Architecture
Mrs Emma Dalton Senior Lecturer; Course Leader – Final Examination in Professional Practice (Part 3) Architecture
Dr Antonino Di Raimo Senior Lecturer
Ricky Evans Architecture Studio Tutor
Dr Karen Fielder Senior Lecturer
Charlotte Goodman-Simpson Professional Studies Advisor
Mr Francis Graves Senior Lecturer
Clemetine Griggs Professional Studies Advisor
Peter Hannides CAD Software Tutor
Dr Carolyne Haynes Architecture Studio Tutor
Simon Hoyle Professional Studies Advisor
Mr Phevos Kallitsis Senior Lecturer
Darren Leach Studio Tutor
Dr Fabiano Lemes de Oliveira Reader in Urbanism and Architecture
Dr Pablo Martínez Capdevila Senior Lecturer
Gregory Martínez de Riquelme Lecturer; Master of Architecture Studio Tutor
Dr Alessandro Melis Senior Lecturer
Mr Walter Menteth Senior Lecturer
Lynne Mesher Interim Associate Dean of Academics; Principal Lecturer; Course Leader – BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design
Ms Belinda Mitchell Senior Lecturer; Course Leader - MA Interior Design
Rebecca Muirhead Studio Tutor
David Ogunmuyiwa Architecture Studio Tutor
Vanessa Orekan Studio Tutor; Professional Studies Advisor
Mr Martin Pearce Principal Lecturer
Mr Dario Pedrabissi Lecturer
Clare Ridout Architecture Studio Tutor
Mr Guido Robazza Senior Lecturer
Dorte Stollberg-Barkley Architecture Studio Tutor
Dr Tarek Teba Senior Lecturer
Ms Catherine Teeling Senior Lecturer
Anne Templeton Interior Architecture and Design Studio Tutor
Dr James Thompson Lecturer
Mr Nicholas Timms Senior Lecturer
Dr Elizabeth Tuson Senior Lecturer
Mr Roger Tyrrell Principal Lecturer
Mr Tod Wakefield Principal Lecturer
Mrs Tina Wallbridge Senior Lecturer
Katie Wilmot Interior Architecture and Design Studio Tutor
Andrew Young Part 3 Tutor; Professional Studies Advisor

Professional Staff

Miss Plamena Gamzova Senior Practice and Research Administrator
Miss Lisa Edgar Course Administrator
Mrs Clare Parker School Manager
Mrs Viktoria Omoregbee Course Administrator; Secretary to Head of School
Miss Chelsea Williams Course Administrator