Postgraduate research

Funding your research

The University of Portsmouth attracts funding for postgraduate research degrees from many sources.

For instance, the 7 UK research councils award various fully funded PhD studentships to the University. Occasionally, industrial organisations also fund PhD research at the University.

You can see funding opportunities for specific research degrees on the relevant degree subject page and on the Find a PHD website.

Other sources of funding

We can help you identify other potential funding sources and provide letters to support your applications. Please contact us for more details.

You can also search and apply to charities and other funding bodies on the Alternative Guide to Postgraduate Funding website. (Choose the ‘I am a prospective student’ option and enter our PIN – 7517 – and your email address to get your username and password.)

Resources such as the Grants Register, Charities Digest and Directory of Grant Making Trusts, which may be available at your library or careers service, will also have information on organisations that may be able to fully or partially fund your research.

Alumni scholarships

You may be able to get an alumni scholarship if you have previously studied at the University of Portsmouth. The scholarship is a 20 per cent discount on any self-funded element of your tuition fees on a full-time or part-time postgraduate course.

To see if you and the course you want to study are eligible for the alumni scholarship, use the checker on our Academic Registry page.

Staff discount

If you are a member of University staff, you can get a 30 per cent discount on fees you pay personally.

This is for part-time courses only. You can apply to pay your fees in 6 instalments (completing in March) by deduction from your salary.

Note that you cannot claim more than one of these discounts against each fee.

Applying for funding

The application process for funding varies depending on the funding organisation.

You can apply for a place at the University before you have secured funding for the research. In some cases, having an offer of a place will help with your application for funding.