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At the University of Portsmouth there's a wide selection of research degrees for you to choose from. Find out more from the options below and then contact us to discuss.

You can start any of our full and part-time PhD, MPhil and MD degrees as well as our Professional Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) and Professional Doctorate in Forensic Psychology in January/February or September/October.


For information on our funding opportunities and pathways, please read more information about the variety funding available here.

PhD, PhD by Publication and MPhil

A PhD is a globally recognised postgraduate degree which involves extensive and original research into a specific chosen field. At the University of Portsmouth you will be joining an active community of researchers and will have the opportunity to develop your skills through a comprehensive researcher development programme. Other options that are available include the PhD by Publication. You can download our 'Studying for a Postgraduate Research Degree' booklet here.

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You can study in the following subject areas:

Professional Doctorate

The Professional Doctorate is an internationally recognised qualification. It is granted to those who have reached the highest level of professional and academic achievement in their field of endeavour. The programme will enhance your personal development planning for continuing professional development and encourage an advanced level of critical, analytical, debating and publishing skills.

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Professional Doctorates are available in three broad subject areas: Business Studies, Criminal Justice Studies, and Health and Social Care:

Medical Doctorate (MD)

A MD is a programme for medical professionals who want to obtain a research degree. You will need to hold a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery or Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree or equivalent. Your research is likely to draw on your clinical expertise and may involve clinical trials, epidemiology, laboratory based research, systematic review, social science or qualitative methodologies. We welcome applications from candidates in the following research degree areas:

Master of Research (MRes)

The MRes programme provides a structured entry into research for applicants with a UK undergraduate degree or equivalent. This programme will give you the opportunity for in-depth study of a specific area of interest while developing your skills in research.

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MRes degrees are available in the following areas:

Studying for a Postgraduate Research Degree

Find out more about studying for a doctorate in the UK here.