Realising the vision

We delight in creating, sharing and applying knowledge to make a difference to individuals and society

Our mission and vision, alongside key statements on how we will work together as a University community (our values), are presented on these pages. These key strategic statements will shape the future priorities of the University over the coming years and have been distilled from the results of our consultations with students, staff and governors through the Shaping our Future conversation.

Our University will undoubtedly face some tough challenges in an ever more competitive higher education environment. Although there will be pressures on our teaching and research income streams, there are also many opportunities for us to build on our strengths and diversify our activities into new areas. We have the capability to contribute more to our community and to the economy through our research and business engagement as well as to grow our international profile. All of these activities will help ensure that we continue to provide the highest quality education and learning experience for our students.

That is why it is so important to have a shared and common vision of our future priorities, and why we debated the changing shape of the University over the next 15 to 20 years.

We now have a strong University Executive Board to serve this vision, and my colleagues have outlined the areas they will lead on, but we cannot do this alone. We will need our students and staff to work with us and create the operational plans and measures of success needed to propel this University to the next level of development. This begins with the University Strategy.

So I ask you to work in your departments, and with colleagues across the University, to look at where you can contribute to our common vision. How can you get involved in developing our way forward? Who can you work with to continue to make a difference? We have challenging but exciting times ahead and I look forward to working with you.

Graham Galbraith

Graham Galbraith