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Researcher Jenny White, reveals that the traditional bra-fitting doesn't give the best fit.

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Wed, 07 Mar 2012 10:54:00 GMT

The work is the first scientific study in the UK to compare the traditional method of bra-fitting, using a tape-measure, with a more straight-forward ‘best fit’ approach based on a set of specific criteria.  It found that in more than three-quarters of cases the tape measure got it wrong.  The researchers believe that this may contribute to the estimated 85 per cent of women in the UK wearing the wrong sized bra. 

Sports scientists at the University of Portsmouth measured 45 women using both the traditional method and the best fit approach, which is based on a set of five criteria that considers the under-band, the cup, the underwire, the straps and the front-band.  Compared with the best fit approach, the traditional method overestimated the band size in 76 per cent of women and underestimated the cup size in 84 per cent.  On average the traditional bra fitting method gave a result that was one cup size smaller and one band size larger than the best fit method.

The study outlining the findings is published today in the journal, Ergonomics

Watch the video of Jenny discussing the newest findings from her research below