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Introduction to breast health research at the University of Portsmouth from University of Portsmouth on Vimeo.

Bra fitting recommendations from the University of Portsmouth.

For more information please follow this link to our collaborative video with Sweatshop on the importance of accurate bra fitting: 

Traditional bra-fitting doesn't give the best fit, study reveals


Sex Education Show, Channel 4 - RGBH on the sensitive topic of breast health
In June 2011 the groundbreaking Channel 4 series The Sex Education Show visited the Research Group in Breast Health at the University of Portsmouth. The show provided an honest, exploratory approach for teenage girls on the sensitive topic of breast health. The show was a cutting-edge, educational presentation for teenager girls aged 14-16, providing a dynamic learning experience that will help empower young girls on the importance of breast support and the understanding of breast anatomy. We thank Remarkable Television, Endemol UK for providing verbal permission for the use of this section of the programme on our website.