Breast Health Research

Biomech gait Mission

Pioneering independent scientific research to broaden understanding, inform product development and raise awareness of breast science and breast health.


This group is led by Dr Joanna Scurr, Reader in Biomechanics. It is internationally renowned for research on the biomechanics of the breast. This group has been conducting fundamental and applied research into breast biomechanics and breast health since 2005. During this time, the breast biomechanics and breast comfort of hundreds of women have been assessed in a variety of everyday and sporting activities, contributing to a database on the support requirements of the breast. The group has developed and published the first procedure to establish dynamic breast movement in three dimensions (Scurr, White, & Hedger, 2009). This procedure has then been applied to determine the effectiveness of varying designs of breast support (Scurr, White, & Hedger, 2010). The Research Group in Breast Health is also well known internationally within the commercial sector, with research projects informing breast support design. The Research Group in Breast Health is responsible for many of the scientific publications in its specific area of research and regularly presents this work nationally and internationally. The research group not only aims to increase knowledge in the area, but also to raise awareness of this important aspect of women's health. Towards this objective, the group has enagaged in a large amount of media coverage and has, for the last three years, been the leading internet search for breast biomechanics.


  • Broaden the understanding of the breast
  • Inform breast support design
  • Raise awareness of an important quality of life issue for women

Terms of Reference

To promote research into breast health from a biomechanical, physiological and clinical perspective, with the aim of improving knowledge in this area, educating women and evaluating the development of better products to support the health of the breast; to establish a centre of excellence for research in this area, providing unique data to support initiatives in breast health.


An independent research group undertaking:

  • Applied research
  • Fundamental research
  • Clinical support