Centre for the Economics and Management of Aquatic Resources (CEMARE)

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A sustainable future for global aquatic resources

Growing demands for food and space are putting increasing pressure on the planet’s aquatic living resources and ecosystems. Ensuring the sustainable use of aquatic resources and preserving valuable aquatic ecosystems requires clearly-focused research and policy advice which understands and incorporates the human and economic dimensions.

Aquatic social science research with a clear policy focus

Research at CEMARE works to identify the economic, social and legal drivers of success and failure in the sustainable use of aquatic resources and the preservation of aquatic ecosystems. CEMARE research is predominantly stakeholder-oriented and always aims to have clear policy relevance. Much of our work also engages directly with scientists and policy-makers on a collaborative basis.

Our research includes

  • economic analysis of fisheries and fisheries management systems
  • marine and coastal governance studies and legal/institutional analysis
  • sustainable consumption and eco-labelling
  • marine/coastal ecosystem valuation and pricing of ecosystem services
  • fisheries development and sustainable livelihoods
  • modelling human-ecosystem interactions

CEMARE undertakes research in the UK as well as overseas (including Asia, Africa and South America) and with collaborating partners in both European and developing countries. Major clients and sponsors have included UK Government (DEFRA, DFID) and international bodies such as the EU, FAO, UNEP, UNDP, OECD and World Bank.

About the Centre

CEMARE was established in the early 1970s by a small group of fisheries economists in what was then Portsmouth Polytechnic. CEMARE subsequently developed into an internationally-recognised research centre committed to policy-relevant research with strong academic foundations. CEMARE staff regularly publish in leading scientific journals and are closely involved in teaching and postgraduate training.

Current CEMARE Research


CEMARE, Portsmouth Business School,

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