Advanced Polymer and Composites (APC) Research Group

Head of Group

Dr Zhongyi Zhang


Dr Hom Nath Dkakal Dr Jovana Radulovic Dr James MacMullen Dr Lukasz Figiel Professor Nick Bennett   Dr Jiye Chen Mr David Wiltshire Professor Mel Richardson (Emeritus)

Researchers and PhD Studnets:

Dr Norasmah Surip Dr Paulo Reise  Dr Gao Ekin Mr Barjas Aldousiri Mr Abdulrahman Alateyah Mr Tsovolos Athanasios Dr Martin Ji  Dr Jie Ma  Dr Muzhong Shen  Mr Jack See

Research Activities and Capabilities

Advanced Polymer and Composites (APC) Research Group undertakes a variety of research and development activities including analysis, characterisation, formulation, manufacturing, design, modelling, rapid prototyping, testing, repair, structural integrity evaluation, applications and knowledge transfer of thermoplastics, thermosets, coatings, elastomers, adhesives, polymer matrix composites, eco-composites and nanocomposites.

APC Research Group has well-equipped laboratories with a wide range of the-state-of-the-art facilities for R&D in advanced polymer and composite materials such as

  • Nano-testing (indentation, scratching and impact);
  • Thermal characterisation (MDSC, DSC, TGA, TMA, DMA, Laser flash and hot-wire thermal conductivities);
  • Mechanical testing (tensile, compression and flexural  test at low and elevated temperatures, pendulum, falling weight and ballistic test impact and hardness);
  • Durability testing (thermal, chemical, moisture, UV and hygrothermal degradation test);
  • Surface properties test (contact angle, surface tension and surface topography);
  • Structural integrity evaluation (electronic shearography, C-scan, ARAMIS and CT-scan);
  • Manufacturing (vacuum bagging, compression moulding, injection moulding, thermoforming and RTM);

APC Research Group has a track record of attracting funding from European Union, DTI, industries and regional government. The projects include characterisation and testing of different adhesive systems for joining fixings and fixtures in next generation aircraft carrier, development of water and moisture repellent coating for building materials, development and characterisation of natural fibre reinforced eco-composites, development of electrically, development and evaluation of novel nano gel coat systems with improved anti-blistering and study on electronically and thermally conductive polymer composites for fuel cell bipolar plates.  

APC Research Group has also successfully provided services and consultancies to companies such as BVT, Thales, Safeguard, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), Pall Europe, TWI, PERA, Univar Europe, Halyard, LaFarge, Materials Technology Ltd, Gurit, Xyratex, etc.  The APC Research Group has great interests in collaboration with academia, governmental organisations and regional, national and international companies in research, knowledge transfer and consultancy in the area of advanced polymer and composite materials.

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