Advanced Polymer and Composites (APC) Research Group

Photo Gallery

You are welcome to browse some photos below which reflect our research activities and capabilities in the advanced polymer and composite materials.

nano_main1Nano-indentation and nano-scratch testing of nano-composites in progress

impact1 mainInstrumented falling weight impact testing of advanced polymer composites

dmi mainMechanical property testing at elevated temperature by Dynamic Mechanic Analyser (DMA)

aramis mainOptical deformation and strain measurement of composites

press mainPolymer composites fabrication

rtm1 mainManufacturing a dinghy by liquid resin infusion

sem mainMicrostructure of natural plant fibres (hemp) for eco-composites

tma mainCoefficient of thermal expansion measurement using Thermal Mechanical Analyser (TMA)

tga_mainThermogravimetric Analysis (TGA) of advanced polymer and composite materials