Computer Science and Software Engineering Research Group

Mo Adda

Dr Mo Adda

Principal Lecturer

Computer Science & Software Engineering

Department of Computer Science & Software Engineering
Buckingham Building
Lion Terrace
Portsmouth Hampshire PO1 3HE


Research areas:

Multithreaded Architectures

Multithreaded architectures for embedded systems to support Java codes, taking into consideration power dissipation for embedded mobile stations.  This project is outstanding, with the hope to get a PhD student to do some research on it.  The main focus of interest is in networking issues, protocols, and development.  Re-configurable architectures. Mainly looking at intelligent networks.

Simulation and Modelling

Research in simulation and modeling involves the development of discrete event simulation tools for supporting business processes and re-engineering business models.  It would be an interesting research to introduce intelligent systems to aid such development and give it a new dimension.   There are many tools on the market, however they all lack some simplicity.

Wireless networks and Mobility

Applying mobile agent technology to the management of routing devices in a large network.  It involves the investigation of sending agents to particular routers that exhibit some difficulties with the traffic loads and other network events with the aim to remedy the problem. Only few universities are looking at these issues.  Another, investigation is to use the agent technology in ad hoc networks to provide better route discovery and maintenance.