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David Brown

Professor David Brown

Professor of Industrial Systems

Institute of Industrial Research

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BSc (London) PhD (Southampton) Chartered Engineer


I joined Portsmouth in 1998, having previously worked in industry as the Managing Director of an automation and diagnostics company, Technical Director within Cambridge Electronic Industries and a lecturer at the University of Southampton.

I set up and am now Director of the Institute of Industrial Research, undertaking a number of concurrent RKT projects. Over the past two years the Institute team has attracted nearly £2,000,000 in funding from commercial research partners.

Current Research[Back to top]

I direct teams in the following areas of research and knowledge transfer:

  • Data Analysis (identifying patterns of behaviour in data (fault diagnostics and prognostics))
  • Traffic Analysis and Resource Management
  • Intelligent Robotics
  • Image Processing
  • Monitoring Systems and Ambient Intelligence.

Articles Submitted[Back to top]

Smart, E., Brown, D. J. & Denman, J. (Submitted). Using one class classifiers to diagnose abnormalities in aircraft flight data. Pattern Recognition.

Wen, X., Brown, D. J., Liao, Q. (Submitted). Induction motor fault diagnosis using transient current signal based on wavelet packet transformation and artificial neural network. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics.

Fahimi, F. & Brown D. J. (Submitted). Non-parametric feature selection and classification for reliable motor fault diagnostics. IEEE Transaction on Industrial Electronics.

Wen, X., Brown, D. J., Liao, Q. (Submitted). Motor bearing fault diagnosis using vibration signal based on artificial intelligence. Expert Systems with Applications.

Smart, E. Liu, H., Jesse, C., Brown, D. J. (In press). Support vector machine analysis of flight data.  International journal of computational intelligence studies.

Publications[Back to top]

Publications since 2008        Earlier Publications

Recent Knowledge Transfer Partnerships[Back to top]

Xyratex Ltd - Super Computer Diagnostics – Funding via KTP Programme - £217k. Will be completed November 2013.

STS Defence Systems Ltd – Intelligent Data Logger for Transportation Systems – Funding via KTP Programme - £217k. Will be completed November 2013.

Stork (Amsterdam) Ltd – Diagnostics of Process Machines – Funding via KTP  Programme - £239k. Will be completed September 2013.

FDSL Ltd -– Diagnostics of the Flight Recorder and Sensors – Funding via KTP Programme - £217k. Will be completed July 2013.

FDSL Ltd – Support Vector machine to indentify aircraft data problems EPSRC £86k. Will be completed February 2011.

Spoon2 Ltd 0008 – Image processing to indentify Fire hazards- £50k. Completed April 2010.
EMIC Ltd 0020 – Intelligent Logistics - £40k. Completed April 2010.

Bridgeworks Ltd 0013 – Intelligent data storage - £50k. Completed May 2009.

ETD Ltd 006545 – Diagnostics of a Power Station - £106k. Completed October 2008.

PML Ltd 006200 – Control and Diagnostics of an Electric Vehicle - £240k. Completed May 2009.

Comesine Ltd , Smartcom Ltd, TRL, ViaMichelin and Hampshire County Council - the consortium for CADRE project (DJB PI with Mathematics Department).  SEEDA funded project programme number CSL-BD-PR-06/06. Intelligent Transportation Systems. Total consortium grant of £325k with £86k coming to the IIR. Completed June 2008.

Creation of an Intelligent Search Engine to exact flight safety information from Aircraft Data’, Industrial partner: Flight Services Data Ltd, funding via KTP programme No 001136, £156k. Completed March 2008.

Professional Memberships[Back to top]

Full Member, Institute of Engineering and Technology