Current Status

November 2004

The MEDIATE environment has reached the conclusion of its EU funding and is now residing in the School of Art, Design and Media at the University of Portsmouth. Here research and usage will continue with the PAS community and further development will take place to both enhance MEDIATE and generate approaches to replicate it in its totality and to create smaller scale derivative products from its technology. The final report (.pdf) which includes evaluation reports (undertaken by consortium members and independent evaluators) is available along with earlier reports under the Deliverables section.

Further information (latest diagram, pictures) can be accessed via Simone Gumtau's web site.

Selection of Academic Outputs

The MEDIATE environment has and is being described in various academic contexts:

5th International CAiiA Conference: Consciousness Reframed, July 2003
"MEDIATE: Steps Towards a Self-Organising Interface" (.pdf) (PORT Team)

3rd International Workshop on Virtual Rehabilitation, September 2004
"MEDIATE: An interactive multisensory environment for children with severe autism and no verbal communication" (UPF Team)
(Awarded the "Biodex" Best Paper Award of the Workshop)

ICMC Conference, November 2004
"MEDIATE: Key Sonic Developments in an Interactive Installation for Children with Autism" (.pdf ) (HKU and PORT Teams)

Aspex Exhibition

MEDIATE's exhibition at The Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth proved very popular with the public and PAS community alike. During the three week exhibition period over 600 visitors enjoyed and interacted with the multi-sensory responsive capabilities of MEDIATE.


Exterior views of the MEDIATE environment within the Aspex Gallery


An Aspex Gallery visitor participating within MEDIATE

Previous Updates

February 2004 (trials at HKU, The Netherlands)

November 2003 (Demonstration at Goldsmiths College, London)

September 2003 (Full description of the environment)

November 2002 (Access to background research)