Project Description


Young autistic children do not communicate with the rest of us and we do not have access to their autistic world and their autistic experience. Misunderstandings are at present mutual.


To design, produce, build and validate an intelligent, immersive, multisensory, interactive environment that reacts to the unique user, and allows that user to create expressions of their own sensory experience: creations which can be replayed and communicated to others. This environment will be a transportable one.

Technical approach

People on the autistic spectrum will be co-designers in a process of iterative prototyping to produce a multisensory interactive environment. This environment performs in interaction with the individual autistic child through interfaces that are controlled and modified by pattern matching "signature" software that recognises and identifies unique individual user characteristics.

Expected results

  • Autistic children will have fun.
  • The families of autistic children will share in that fun.
  • The new expressions that MEDIATE will elicit from autistic children will promote an understanding of the autistic world for families, carers, teachers, researchers, policy makers, and for the rest of us who do not know about autism.

Results so far

The project is currently 6 months from its completion and is at the build stage of the final environment, bringing the audio, visual and vibrotactile technologies together with the signature and governor software which will operationalise the behaviour pattern detecting and responsive nature of the environment. The evaluation trials in the UK, the Netherlands and Spain are being set up and they will begin in September.