STAMPS Project Management

STAMPS Project Management

Advisory Panel
Oliver Gans Federal Environment Agency, Austria External Representative
Pertti Heinonen Regional Environment Centre, Finland External Representative
Graham Lloyd Steptoe & Johnson, UK External Representative
Pim Leonards Netherlands Institute for Fisheries Research Topic Leader 3
Paul McNeillis British Standards Institute, UK Topic Leader 2
Graham Mills University of Portsmouth, UK Topic Leader 1
Richard Greenwood University of Portsmouth, UK Project Co-ordiantor

Due to the large number of partners in the project the management structure has been tiered to allow the efficient flow of information between the co-ordinator and the commission and the co-ordinator and the various partners, and to ensure the project conforms to the conditions, time-scales and deliverables as set out in the contract.

In addition a project advisory group will ensure that appropriate strategic technical and management decisions are taken on behalf of the consortium.

A Steering Panel will give the project overall directional guidance and a Review Panel will give guidance and advice in the creation and publication (at the end of the project) of the British Standards Institution Publicly Available Specification (PAS).

Topic Leaders

The co-ordinator will be assisted by three topic leaders in:

  • the day-to-day running of the project and ensuring information flow
  • participating in the decision-making required in the programme
  • overseeing the management of the quality of the deliverables
  • ensuring adherence to the scheduling arrangements as described in the contract

They will be responsible for three different specific aspects of the project:

  • Topic Leader 1 (UoP) will co-ordinate the development of the passive sampler designs and calibration parameters for all of the analytes
  • Topic Leader 2 (BSI) will oversee all aspects of the normation process
  • Topic Leader 3 (RIVO) will co-ordinate the field trials and is a principal scientist with extensive experience in the running of marine and freshwater trials and in the application of various passive sampling techniques to assess water quality

Steering Panel
Prof W. Davison Director DGT Limited
Dr. John Goddard Technical Manager UK Environment Agency
Dr. Graham Lloyd Senior Regulatory Executive Steptoe & Johnson
Dr. Liz Prichard   Laboratory of the Government Chemist
Dr. D Sabaliunas   Proctor & Gamble (UK) Ltd.
Dr. Simon Shaw Director Environmental Monitoring Unit Ltd.
Prof Clive Thompson Chief Scientist AlControl (UK)