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Photo of Mr Joseph Norman

Mr Joseph Norman

  • Qualifications: MA, BA (Hons)
  • Role Title: PhD Student
  • Address: Eldon Building, Winston Churchill Avenue, Portsmouth PO1 2DJ
  • Telephone: 023 9284 8484
  • Email:
  • Department: School of Art and Design
  • Faculty: Creative and Cultural Industries


As a fine art animator, I fuse traditional art and digital processes, in conjunction with experimental narrative. I am interested in the questioning of what constitutes ‘landscape’ as the place where stories unfold, and how our concept of the natural landscape has been constructed through industry and culture.


My PhD is practice-led in animation; it explores energy as the flow of connectivity between all living things, through predation and respiration. In the context of the anthropocene, the research focuses on the human impact on nature, and how this has been represented in art.

Key areas

  • he mythologisation of nature as idyll in art.
  • To develop aesthetic and technical processes for the poetic interpretation of the web of life.
  • The impact of industrial pollution and energy production on the natural environment.
  • To conceptualise energy conversion in both living organisms and in mass-industry, at both a cosmic and microscopic level.
  • To develop aesthetic processes expressing dirty nature, and explore how dirt has been historically treated in relation to the idyll of wild, pure nature.

More work can be found on my website.