School of Languages and Area Studies

Erasmus+ and Exchange

First of all, a warm welcome to Portsmouth and thank you for considering us as your study destination.

We would be delighted to consider students for exchange from our partner Universities. If we do not have an existing agreement with your host University, please discuss this with your local Study Abroad and/or Erasmus+ advisors, and get them to make contact with Claire Reid or Glenn Hadikin.

Partner Map

View a map of our present partners, and those in negotiation: 

Partner Map

Incoming students

The School of Languages and Area Studies offers you the widest possible range of study options as an incoming exchange student, and endeavours to accommodate your needs. Please explore the documents below for a full list of choices.

You will receive instructions on the application process from the Exchanges & Study Abroad Team once you are nominated to the School of Languages and Area Studies.

In order to make your transition into student life in Portsmouth as smooth as possible, you will be invited to a range of introduction, study and social events during an International/Orientation week, organised by the International Office in the week prior the start of the University academic year.

You will also attend a specific induction session for the School of Languages and Area Studies exchange students, and the chance to complete the necessary paperwork and identification check to produce your University Student Campus Card.

Throughout your time here, you will have access to support from our Support Services team, and the Students' Union has a range of induction, freshers and other events in both the first weeks and throughout your stay with us. We suggest you participate as much as your studies allow!

Giulia Vendra, Exchange Student 16-17Giulia Vendra, Exchange Student with SLAS 2016-17 (University of Bologna)

"I truly believe that while I was doing my Erasmus in Portsmouth I had the best time of my life. I had the chance to get in touch deeply with the local cultural and I met people that I will never forget. I am so enthusiastic of my experience that I come back to Portsmouth as often as I can and I am planning on taking my postgraduate degreee  here at Portsmouth University"


Can I study fewer than 30 ECTS for a single semester or fewer than 60 ECTS for a whole year?
You are not allowed to take more credits, but you are allowed to take fewer if this has been agreed between you and your home University.
Why is the Learning Agreement signed as ‘Subject to Change’?
Your Timetable won’t be ready until two weeks before the start of the academic year. Although we will try to avoid timetabling clashes whenever possible, unavoidable clashes might still occur sometimes, and therefore you will be asked to choose a different unit. In the second week of each semester you are also allowed to change units, if there is a valid reason for that (e.g. the unit is too hard/easy for you; your University won’t recognise the unit that you have chosen)
When can I amend my Learning Agreement if I have changed one or more units after arriving in Portsmouth?
It is your responsibility to check that your Learning Agreements is updated, so the Recognition of Outcomes and the Transcript of Records that you will receive are correct. You can amend your Learning Agreement by completing the “During the Mobility – Exceptional change to the Learning Agreement (or Table A)” section and bring it to Park Building room 2.14 to be stamped and signed. Please allow at least a couple of weeks from the start of the semester.
When will I receive the official Transcript of Records?
The official Transcript of Record will be sent via email to you and your University in July, once that the Boards of Examiners have met and confirmed your marks. If you are studying in Portsmouth only in the first semester and you do need to receive a confirmation of the units that you have studied and the marks achieved, you can request a ‘Confirmation of Studies’ Letter by emailing

Outgoing students

Currently, all our study abroad partnerships are for full-time undergraduate students in SLAS only. If you are planning for Erasmus, or have already been selected, please visit our Preparing for your Period Abroad Moodle page to find out all the information you need and read about the experience of other students.