School of Languages and Area Studies


Head of School

Professor Alessandro Giovanni Benati Head of SLAS and Professor of Second Language Acquisition

Academic Staff

Mrs Marie Ainslie Senior Lecturer, EAP
Dr Celia Vasiliki Antoniou Lecturer in Applied Linguistics and TESOL
Mr Miguel Arrebola Principal Lecturer / Subject Area Leader in Modern Foreign Languages
Mr Mahmood Asgari Teaching Fellow in International Business Communication
Mrs Sasha Barron Senior Lecturer in Chinese Language and Translation
Dr Fatih Bayram Senior Research Associate
Dr Nick Bertenshaw Lecturer, English Language and Linguistics
Dr Tamsin Bradley Professor in International Development Studies
Ms Janet Bryant Principal Lecturer; Associate Head, Academic
Mr James Bullock Teaching Fellow
Professor Tony Chafer Professor of French and African Studies
Dr Isabelle Cheng Senior Lecturer in East Asian and International Development Studies
Dr Lana Clara Chikhungu Senior Lecturer in International Development Studies
Mrs Caroline Corney Principal Lecturer, Subject Area Leader: Business Communication and International Recruitment
Dr Stephen Crabbe Senior Lecturer in Applied Linguistics and Translation (Japanese to English)
Dr Oksana Dalton Senior Lecturer, International Business and Economics
Dr Jonathan Evans Senior Lecturer in Translation Studies
Mr William Forsyth Senior Lecturer, English and Linguistics
Dr Ben Garner Course Leader and Senior Lecturer in International Development Studies
Mr Emmanuel Godin Principal Lecturer / Subject Area Leader: International and Area Studies
Mrs Sarah Griffin-Mason Senior Lecturer in Translation Studies
Ms Gilian Gronow Principal Lecturer; Subject Area Leader: Professional Communication and Linguistics
Dr Glenn Hadikin Senior Lecturer, English Language and Linguistics
Ms Rebecca Hamlet Teaching Fellow in English to Speakers of Other Languages
Ms Monalisa Haque Teaching Fellow in International Business & Marketing
Mr Richard Hitchcock Senior Lecturer, EAP
Ms Corina Holzherr Senior Teaching Fellow
Ms Marjorie Huet Senior Teaching Fellow in French Language
Ms Felicity Hughes Principal Lecturer; Associate Head, Students
Ms Rosemary Jane Senior Teaching Fellow
Ms Caterina Jeffcote Associate Senior Lecturer, MA Programmes
Mr Paul Joyce Senior Lecturer, German and Linguistics
Ms Luisa Khun Lector in German
Dr Brigitte Leucht Senior Lecturer in German and European Studies
Mr Grahame Luff Lecturer, English and Linguistics
Professor Margaret Majumdar Emeritus Professor
Ms Elizabeth Maldonado Senior Lecturer, Spanish Language
Professor Susanne Marten-Finnis Professor of Applied Linguistics
Dr Ann Matear Principal Lecturer, Departmental Lead Athena Swan
Dr Marie McCullagh Senior Lecturer Professional Communication and Applied Linguistics
Dr Richard McMahon Lecturer in European Studies
Ms Begoña Mirones-Munoz Lector in Spanish
Ms Samia Mitchell Senior Lecturer, French
Dr Ed Naylor Leverhulme Early Career Fellow
Mr Toby North Lecturer at GDUFS, University of Portsmouth Tutor in Linguistics and English Language
Dr Lee Oakley Senior Lecturer in English Language and Linguistics
Mrs Sabrea Oughton Senior Lecturer, French
Ms Carmen Pasamar Marquez Senior Lecturer, Spanish and Interpreting
Ms Lorraine Pickett-Rose Senior Lecturer, EAP Coordinator
Dr Zara Ramsay Lecturer in International Development Studies
Dr Claire Reid Senior Teaching Fellow
Ms Elise Ricaud-Servy Lector in French
Dr Monica Riera Senior Lecturer, American and European Studies
Dr Helen Ringrow Senior Lecturer in Communication Studies and Applied Linguistics
Dr Thomas Rodgers Senior Lecturer in American Studies
Ms Begoña Rodríguez de Céspedes Senior Lecturer
Ms Dora Romo-Castillejo Teaching Fellow in Spanish Language
Dr Olivia Rutazibwa Senior Lecturer in International Development and European Studies
Dr Akiko Sakamoto Senior Lecturer in Japanese Language and Translation
Dr Mario Saraceni Reader, English and Linguistics; Associate Head, Research
Dr Lee Sartain Senior Lecturer
Dr Laura Seddon Learning Development Tutor
Ms Jennifer Sizer Teaching Fellow, EFL
Ms Linda Sterne Senior Lecturer, English and Linguistics
Ms Clare Teare Senior Lecturer, English Language and Linguistics
Ms Rhiannon Thompson Learning Development Tutor
Dr Alessia Tranchese Lecturer in Communication and Applied Linguistics
Dr Natalya Vince Reader in North African and French Studies
Mr Rupert Walsh Senior Lecturer, EAP & EFL
Dr Youxuan Wang Lecturer in Mandarin and Chinese Translation
Ms Elena Ward Senior Lecturer in Italian and Translation
Dr Peter Watkins Principal Lecturer
Mr Nicholas White Teaching Fellow in English for Speakers of Other Languages
Ms Cathy Willatt Learning Development Tutor
Mr John Williams Senior Lecturer, English Language and Linguistics
Professor Patrick Williams Emeritus Professor of Spanish History
Professor Sue Wright Emeritus Professor of Language and Politics
Dr Lin Zheng Senior Lecturer

Professional Staff

Miss Katrina Mills Departmental Manager
Mr Andy McColl-McWha Deputy School Manager
Ms Tanya Boby Course Administrator
Ms Giulia Bucci Course Administrator
Mr James Calder Learning Resources Officer / Technician
Ms Kimberly Greentree Course Administrator - MA
Ms Sarah Hayes Senior Course Administrator
Mr Rob Hobbs Technical Services Delivery Manager
Ms Emma Lock Course Administrator
Ms Susanne Sanderson School Administrator (part-time)
Ms Morgan Steel Course Administrator EAP
Mrs Sophie Till School Administrator (part-time)
Ms Laura Ward Course Administrator, IWLP
Ms Nicola Watson Course Administrator
Ms Georgia Witton-Maclean Learning Resources Officer/Technician

Technical Staff

Mr Liam Dean Online Course Developer
Mr David Hyde Assistant Online Course Developer
Mr Scott Simmonds Senior Online Course Developer