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The Portsmouth Law School undertakes research involving a wide range of theoretical, methodological and doctrinal approaches in law. The group’s research has been published in a range of journals (including the Journal of World Investment & Trade, Journal of Law & Society, European Law Journal, Conveyancer & Property Lawyer and International Journal of the Legal Profession) and as a contributions to research texts. Members of the School regularly attend research conferences and in recent years, research projects have been funded by such bodies as the Nuffield Foundation, British Academy, Socio-Legal Studies Association and the Legal Education Research Network. Furthermore, members of the School contribute to interdisciplinary research groupings such as the Business Education Research Group and those within the Centre for European and International Studies Research CEISR. Members of the School also write a number of Company and Commercial, Employment and other textbooks and use their (and others') research in their teaching. An overview of some of our research activity is set out below under some broad headings. Further details may be available through the links to named researchers' profile pages and through other links below as well as via the Portsmouth Research Portal.




Accountability, Risk and Rights

Our researchers undertake socio-legal and doctrinal work across a broad range of regulatory areas including corporate governance, employment and discrimination, health and family law. Fang Ma is examining directors' duties in China and comparing the corporate opportunity doctrine with its English counterpart. Fang is also the author of Law Express Question and Answer: Company Law (Revision Guide) (Pearson). Among Lee Roach's research interests is the UK Stewardship Code. Lee is also the author of Card and James' Business Law (OUP) Company Law Concentrate  (OUP) and a co-author (with Eric Baskind and Greg Osborne) of Commercial Law (OUP). Jens Krebs research focuses on e-commerce and IT law (exploring the position of consumers and the intersection of law and technology including blockchains).

Michael Connolly, the author of Sweet and Maxwell's Discrimination Law, is currently examining statutory interpretation and discrimination law. Pat Feast is continuing to examine aspects of discrimination law (as well as legal education). James Hand's work on British anti-discrimination law has been published in, among others, Public Law, the Industrial Law Journal and the Commonwealth Law Bulletin. Panos Kapotas is working on a number of Labour Law and Discrimination projects and has a particular interest in positive action at a European level. 

Daniel Bedford is examining the construction of human dignity and its connection with vulnerability and has spoken on the topics at, among other places, the WG Hart Legal Workshop on Law and the Aging of Humankind and at a conference in Utrecht. Juliet Brook's work is centred on wills and testamentary capacity including presenting on presumptions and assumptions on testamentary capacity at the Modern Studies in Property Law conference in Belfast in April 2016. Karen Dyer's research interests include medical law and ethics and she is currently working on a monograph on healthcare and intersex. Lisa Wheeler is investigating issues of medical and legal consent. Kieran Walsh is undertaking studies in family law and child protection. He is the sole contributor to the "Children and the Law" section of the Irish Family Law Practitioner. Sarah Atkins is undertaking studies in Asylum Seeker and Refugee law (especially reception conditions and their impact on children and families).


Wellbeing, Legal Education and the Legal Profession

This broad topic is an emerging area of strength. Caroline Strevens is assessing perceptions of wellbeing among law lecturers in a project funded by the Legal Education Research Network and has established the UK Wellness Network for Law. Caroline is also undertaking research more broadly in legal education with colleagues in the US, including a comparison of the regulation of legal professionals in USA and UK, and the professional paralegal and online document assembly businesses in the USA and UK. Joanne Atkinson is exploring graduate careers and the future of the legal profession. Charlotte Harrision's research interests include employability skills and legal careers training. Charlotte is also author of the Sweet and Maxwell book 'From student to solicitor, the complete guide to securing your training contract.' Pat Feast's research draws on her work delivering the University's clinical legal education. Lisa Wheeler is working on legal education projects, including on widening participation. Charles Barker's and Claire Sparrow's current focus is on broader educational research but which includes legal education.


International and European Law

Munir Maniruzzaman has published extensively in the areas of International Law, International Business Law, International Energy Law, International Investment Law and International Commercial Arbitration and Dispute Resolution. For information on the impact of his research on the performance of international energy contracts click here. Caroline Cox alongside a colleague from the Institute of Criminal Justice Studies, is investigating illegal ivory trading within national and international antiques trade. Panos Kapotas' research interests include the operation of the European Convention of Human Rights and he is a regular invited speaker in the Academy of European Law (ERA) in Trier. Together with colleagues at EUI Florence and Liverpool he organised a two day conferenceon the European consensus (EuC) method of interpretation of the European Court of Human Rights.

Lisa Mardikian's research focuses on international economic law, examining its regulatory role and application in the economic reconstruction of post-conflict states.


Our research contributes to the University's research strategy and seeks to feed in to the university wide themes of Democratic Citizenship, Health and Wellbeing, Security and Risk, Sustainability and the Environment, and Future and Emerging Technologies.


For information about postgraduate research opportunities within the School of Law, please click here. Information about current University funding opportunities for PhDs - as well as further information - may be found here.


Sarah Atkins Mr James Kirby
Joanne Atkinson Jens Krebs
Mr Charles Barker Dr Fang Ma
Daniel Bedford Professor (Munir) AFM Maniruzzaman
Juliet Brook Staff
Michael Connolly Dr Lisa Mardikian
Caroline Cox Dr Lee Roach
Karen Dyer Ms Claire Sparrow
Ms Pat Feast Staff
Dr James Hand Caroline Strevens
Mrs Charlotte Harrison Kieran Walsh
 Dr Panos Kapotas Ms Lisa Wheeler

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