Study Abroad

Student Testimonials

Dan Liang, China

Course: BSc (ECON) (Hons) Economics, Finance and Banking

It was initially to gain some experience that I decided to study abroad, but once I arrived, Portsmouth gave me more than I expected!

I studied and worked with outstanding students and staff and my course enhanced my view of the business world. My interest in the subject really grew during the semester so I decided to continue my economics degree here.

I like the beautiful seaside view in Portsmouth as well. With all the support at Portsmouth, I am sure I will have a fantastic career future after I graduate!

Dan Liang

Gregg Marcinkowski, Potsdam, New York

Course: BSc (Hons) Geology

I came to the University of Portsmouth for one semester as a Study Abroad student from Potsdam, New York. I had the choice of taking any unit from any course, but as a geology student I chose the units that would benefit me the most, while at the same time gaining credit towards my degree back home.

I was able to choose classes from two different courses, Geology and Geography. The faculty and students are all really friendly and have helped me adjust to life outside of the US and they were able to help with class or homework problems. Portsmouth is different from back home, but there are so many things to do here. There's dining, shopping, clubs, pubs - lots of them, and as much football and rugby to watch as you want.

There are so many places to see not just in Portsmouth, like London, Bath, Stonehenge, and many more. This town has some great and interesting people - this was an experience of a life time. Coming to this town has prepared me for what life is like on your own.

Gregg Marcinkowski