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How to apply - Non-Erasmus+

Study placement

These are placements to institutions of non-Erasmus+ participating countries, such as Mexico, China, Senegal etc. Your Departmental Coordinator will need to approve your placement and notify the host institution. You must check whether the host institution requires its own paperwork or procedures before accepting you to attend.

Work placement

If you are planning to go on a non-Erasmus+ work placement, you will need to discuss it with your Departmental Coordinator. Your Coordinator will need to make all checks appropriate before departure. The Departmental Coordinator will also need to ensure that the work placement is appropriate to fulfill the academic outcomes required.

Step-by-step guide for non-Erasmus+ applicants

Step 1: Declare your interest

If you haven't already done so, you need to contact your Course Leader to receive confirmation that you can take part. Your Course Leader can also put you in touch with other members of departmental staff you may need to speak to (e.g Placement Office or Link Tutor).

Step 2: Permission to Travel

Before you make any arrangements to travel, it is essential that you read the Permission to Travel and Insurance pages, and then complete the 'Permission to Travel' form. This is essential for Insurance cover. If you do not follow this step, you will not be covered by the University's insurance during your placement.

Step 3: Complete application forms for the host institution

Study placements: Placements on exchange programmes may be limited, so your department will determine which students are nominated. Once selected by your department, you will need to complete the host institution's application form.

Work placements: You may need to complete an application form for your placement. Be sure to check with your Course Leader or Departmental Coordinator that the placement you are applying for is appropriate for your degree.