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Outgoing Students - Insurance

Insurance University Contact details

If you have any queries regarding the Insurance cover provided by the University, please contact the University Insurance Officer for advice.

University Insurance Officer: Anita Randell

E mail:

Direct Tel: 023 92 843308

Study/work abroad activities

The University travel insurance is with Royal and Sun Alliance. It covers all students while undertaking approved study or work abroad as an approved element of their course at no additional cost to the student.

Details of the cover below:

Summary of insurance cover for students (.pdf) - from 1 August 2017 to 31 July 2018

Should you wish to view the full policy wording, this can be downloaded using the links below:

  1. Travel Insurance policy wording‌ 01.08.17 to 31.07.18
  2. Travel Insurance policy schedule‌ 01.08.17 to 31.07.08

Working in Europe

Your placement company should provide information about their employers’ liability and public liability policies to meet their legal liabilities towards you

for injuries or sickness suffered by you attributable to your duties as part of the placement.

However, not all countries have the equivalent to the UK’s employers’ or public liability, some having voluntary or statutory workman’s compensation schemes run by the state, which do not always offer protection to placement students.

If your placement company is unable to insure your legal liability as an employee, the University’s public liability cover will automatically extend to include this risk but this does NOT extend to insuring the host’s own liability to you for injuries or sickness suffered by you attributable to your duties as part of the placement.

The University travel insurance policy includes an element of Personal Accident cover with a limit of £20,000 in the event of death or permanent disablement arising from an accident at work. However, without an Employer’s insurance policy or scheme to protect them, you are unlikely to receive any compensation from the company if you suffer an injury at work.

You may wish to consider taking additional Personal Accident insurance but the University is unable to assist with arranging this.

Erasmus+ Graduate Trainees

Erasmus+ graduate participants are responsible for purchasing their own insurance cover sufficient to cover their activities abroad. A copy of the insurance policy must be provided to the Exchanges and Study Abroad team at the point of signing the Erasmus+ Mobility Grant Agreement. Without proof of valid insurance cover, the Exchanges and Study Abroad team cannot approve eligibility on the Erasmus+ Graduate Traineeship programme.

Erasmus Mundus students

Erasmus Mundus students attending PhD Legal Psychology will need additional insurance cover to meet their grant requirements. Please contact your Department for further information.

Specific country risks

All travellers must register on our insurers travel advice website Drum Cussac. This website contains valuable information for your safety when travelling abroad, including Country Reports and regular security alerts.

After registering, please find the country you are visiting using 'Map'. Click on the country name link to bring up the Country Report (pdf) and travel advice. We recommend that you print and email a copy of the country report/s to yourself. 

If any of the risk indicators are 'Moderate 3.00' or above, you will need to complete a full risk assessment to be discussed and agreed with your Supervisor.

The key concerns are that:

  • you have fully considered the risks
  • you are making an informed decision on whether or not to travel
  • you are aware of the steps to take in an emergency

Countries not covered by our insurance

Please note, we are not insured to travel to the following countries:

  • Iraq
  • Nigeria - Niger Delta and north of Abuja
  • Libya
  • Afghanistan
  • Mali
  • Somalia
  • Yemen
  • Syria

Countries with additional Sanction screening insurer requirements

If you are considering travelling to one of the following countries, you will need to complete a Travel Review Questionnaire for Sanctioned Territories, as each trip needs to be screened by our insurers on a case by case basis due to sanction restrictions:

  • Ukraine (Crimea and Sevastopol)
  • Russia
  • Iran
  • Syria
  • North Korea
  • Cuba
  • Sudan

LUPC Travel Insurance – Sanctions Guidance Note

What do I do in the event of a medical emergency?

The University Travel Insurance (Royal Sun Alliance) is supported by 24 hour emergency assistance operated by Healix.

Helpline: +44 (0) 2086 084100

Please quote Policy Number RTT306251

Please download a copy of the card: Healix Emergency Assistance Card (.pdf). If you have a smart phone, download the Healix App and add the country being visited to the 'watch list'.

Healix will talk you through everything you need do, arrange the necessary assistance and keep in touch with you until the situation is resolved (or until your departure back to the UK). You can ask them to ring you back if you are on a mobile phone or need to get to a more suitable landline. This also means that they will bear the cost of the call (which should be considered, as you are unable to reclaim telephone costs as part of the insurance).

On your return to the University, please notify the University Insurance Officer

Please note: Failure to contact Healix in the event of an emergency could lead to seriously enhanced costs being incurred, which the insurers may be entitled to curtail or even decline to pay.

In the event of an incident while you are on a placement (e.g. earthquake, medical outbreak, political uprising) after calling Healix, please make call the University Security Lodge +44 23 9284 3333 to confirm you are safe and make contact with your supervisor.

Frequently asked questions

Am I covered for medical expenses incurred overseas?

The policy covers "emergency" medical/dental expenses only It is not a healthcare policy so does not provide cover for routine treatments or check ups.

I am studying in the US and my host institution has advised that I have to buy their Healthcare Insurance - is this right?

Yes - In the US, whilst the University Travel Insurance may satisfy the J1 visa requirement, it does not always satisfy the US college/university requirements for Affordable Care Act compliant benefits, and students may not be able to waive the US college/university offering with the RSA travel Insurance. At this point you need to consider the options available 1) either the local US offering or, 2) that from This will need to be arranged by yourself at an additional personal cost and provides wider full healthcare cover (not just emergency expenses).

I am studying/working abroad in Europe and my accommodation provider has advised that I have to buy "civil liability insurance". Do I need to buy this?

Some other European destinations (e.g. France) insist that students purchase specific "civil liability" cover. This is to cover your legal liability for damage to accommodation and must be personally arranged at your own cost.

I need to make an insurance claim for loss of personal baggage or cancellation/curtailment - what do I do?

Please notify the Claims team at Royal and Sun Alliance on:

Telephone: +44 (0) 330 1024093 (lines open 9-5 Mon-Fri)

E mail:

You should quote policy number RTT306251 in the name of University of Portsmouth

I have my own travel insurance, do I need to use the University policy?

There is no compulsory requirement to use the University insurance policy but it is essential that you ensure your policy is sufficient to meet the scope of travel and activities you intend to participate in.

Am I covered for hazardous activities such as bungee jumping, whitewater rafting etc.?

If this is an integral part of your study/work abroad, It is possible but DO NOT ASSUME you are automatically covered. Please contact University Insurance Officer to ensure that the insurance is adequate to meet your needs in advance of participating in hazardous activities.

If the hazardous activities are not part of your studies, you will need to arrange your own personal cover at own cost.

I want to add a few days holiday at the beginning/end of my exchange visit - am I insured?

Yes, the University insurance will cover leave days added onto your study/work abroad providing it is in the country you are working or studying abroad as follows:

Less than 5 days trip - 0 days holiday covered
5-12 days trip - 2 days holiday covered
13-21 days trip - 5 days holiday covered
22-35 days trip - 8 days holiday covered
36-50 days trip - 12 days holiday covered
51-65 days trip - 16 days holiday covered
66-80 days trip - 20 days holiday covered
81-100 days trip - 23 days holiday covered
101-365 days trip - 25 days holiday covered
over 365 days trip - 28 days holiday covered

I have a pre-existing medical condition - am I still covered by the Unviersity Insurance policy?

The University policy does not exclude pre-existing medical conditions but does exclude travelling against the advice of your medical practitioner. If in doubt, contact your GP to check that you are fine to travel. It is important that you discuss any special needs/requirements with your supervisor.

Where do I find specific travel health advice and vaccination requirements?

Please contact your GP or refer to the Government website

Do I need an EHIC card?

It is recommended that travellers to Europe carry an European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). To apply for the card, either call 0845 606 2030 or apply online