General Information

Message categories

To comply with data protection legislation, staff are required to adhere to the following categories of message and responsibilities when communicating with students:

Broadcast communication (to all students or large groups)

This includes all communication to large groups or to all students and can cover subjects such as advertising student support services, promoting University events, promoting campaigns such as NSS or Safer Students or providing official information relating to tuition fees or regulation changes. Such messages are sent by Internal Communications (IC).

Operational communication

This includes operational messages such as room changes, timetable changes, deadlines – anything related to the students’ learning experience and working environment. Such messages are sent by members of the academic department.

Learning and teaching communication

This includes all formal or informal communication between teaching staff and students, on an individual basis or in groups related to their learning and teaching experience. Such messages are sent by members of the academic department.

Serious incident communication

This includes all communication to students related to a serious incident, as organised by the Serious Incident Management team where necessary. Such messages are sent by Internal Communications.

Specific services communication

Some student support services may need to contact students individually, for example to remind students of appointment dates and times via email or text. Here, students must have given specific permission to be contacted in this manner and must be given a clear method of opting out of any communication. Such messages are sent by the support service, in conjunction with Internal Communications if necessary.

It is not acceptable to use students’ contact details to communicate information outside of the above categories, for example, email or text messages to all students or large groups of students with promotional messages or invitations to events. If you'd like to promote an activity, new resources or events to all students contact the Internal Communications team for advice and support on doing this. News and events with students can be published on, the plasma screens on the University campus and through other channels, please email or call 023 9284 5765.