General Information

Primary channels

Along with the use of the virtual learning environment, Moodle, there are two primary channels for communicating with current students:

Student website

The student website at is specifically designed for current students where they will find valuable information and links to other useful University resources, such as:

  • Google - students can log in to their Google account, including Google Mail, Calendars, Documents and Sites 
  • Moodle - the virtual learning environment containing course material
  • News and events for students
  • Links to student support services such as Library, housing, careers and recruitment, finance and sport

The student website is the homepage on all University PCs. Students should be encouraged to bookmark this site at home as they will need to use it regularly. If staff have any messages they would like to broadcast via the student website please email

Student email

In order to comply fully with data protection legislation, all University-related correspondence with students is to be sent to their University email account only, using the data held in the student record system. Using only the University email account will provide one effective channel for email messages as students will be directed to check their accounts regularly.

The Corporate Communications states that staff are not to collect and/or use other personal email accounts for any correspondence. There will obviously be occasions when students email staff from personal accounts and this policy does not prevent staff from responding to students in this way. As this process becomes normal practice over time, staff are asked to encourage students to use their University email account as the primary source, but to ensure good communication with students is maintained at all times.

Student email addresses

All students are provided with a Google email account for life which has two email addresses associated with it. The first is based on their computer username, for example and is the held in central University records. This is the one which is used when emailing students from the Staff Portal.

The second (an alias) is more personalised for ease of use by the student, for example (or if there are duplicate names).

How to email students

Staff can send email to groups of students or individuals via the Staff Portal

For information on using this functionality please refer to the Staff Portal manual. If you have any queries with the email distribution functionality, please contact or tel 023 9284 7777.