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Quiz Night - Thursday 10th February 2011
Fri, 11 Feb 2011 11:46:00 GMT

Quiz Night

Thursday 10th February 2011

Well done to everyone who took part in the Social Club Quiz Night at The Hub. We had a record turnout with 118 participants in 15 teams from across the university.

Congratulations to the winning team, Nimbus Nonus (aka Quizteam Aquilera), for scoring 45 points from a set of 90 difficult questions. The winning team members from the Portsmouth Business School were:

David "the encyclopedia" Perks
Ray "trivopaedia" French
Barrie "wikipedia" Miles
Gill Christy
Richard Christy
Jane Dean
Adam Cox
Malcolm Stuart
Becky Miles

Hope you enjoy the 9 bottles of wine!

"We all had a wonderful time and are looking forward to the next one".

The prize for Best team Name went to Marketing & Communications who entered as "Norfolk in Chance". The "Resourcesful Humans" from HR took the prize for the best question of the evening.