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Photo of Chidubem Andrew Ikeatuegwu

Chidubem Andrew Ikeatuegwu

  • Role Title: PhD student
  • Address: Richmond Building Portland Street Portsmouth PO1 3DE
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  • Department: Strategy Enterprise and Innovation
  • Faculty: Portsmouth Business School


Thesis title: Determinants and dynamics of academic entrepreneurship in a petroleum rentier state

Director of Studies: Dr. Zoe Dann - Expected completion: January 2016

Rentier States depend prevalently on external rents such as from export of natural resources for its revenue in contrast with Production States where most revenue is derived through taxation of domestic economic activities. Academic entrepreneurship is the commercialization of findings of research, and often results in start-ups, and bringing to market of innovative products. It has always been canvassed that Academic Entrepreneurship is the sustainable alternative to rents from natural resources as source of national income.

Chidubem’s research situated within the critical realist ontology uses the rentier state of Nigeria as case study to take a multi-level perspective at Academic entrepreneurship. It aims to develop an understanding of how the presence of rents from oil influence the commercialization of research outputs, in particular the underlying mechanisms that govern academic entrepreneurship in a petroleum rentier state.

Chidubem has a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical engineering, Master’s degree in Advanced Manufacturing and another in Project management from the University of Portsmouth. Besides academic entrepreneurship, Chidubem’s other interests include technology innovation, small and medium scale enterprise and graduate entrepreneurship.

The research is supervised by Dr. Zoe Dann, Dr. Vijay Vyas, and Dr. Andreas Hoecht.