Academic Skills Unit



You can have access to a wide selection of resources including an online study skills resource, as well as a variety of handouts available in hard copy at the Nuffield Centre, the University Library and other locations around the campus. Handouts can also be downloaded below.

Online Resources


Skills4Study Campus from Palgrave Macmillan is the University of Portsmouth's online study skills resource. Its modules cover all of your essential study skills needs. You can access it from the Moodle course 'skills@portsmouth'.


Research, Reading, Referencing and Citation

DescriptionFile Size
Effective Reading PDF 82KB
Helpful abbreviations for speedy note-taking PDF 177KB
Verbs for citations PDF 109KB
Writing about others' work: using direct quotations PDF 193KB

Written Assignments

DescriptionFile Size
Academic writing style PDF 123KB
Acronyms PDF 74KB
Basic data interpretation PDF 92KB
Basic essay structure PDF 99KB
Better essays: signposting PDF 109KB
Better paraphrasing PDF 73KB
Better writing: extending vocabulary PDF 107KB
Dissertations: a basic introduction PDF 105KB
Dissertations: twelve top tips PDF 694KB
Essays: task words PDF 97KB
Getting to grips with commas PDF 70KB
It's and its PDF 88KB
Proofreading PDF 98KB
Reflective writing: a basic introduction PDF 132KB
Reports and essays: key differences PDF 114KB
Some commonly confused words PDF 142KB
Some key features of academic reports PDF 103KB
Writing clear sentences PDF 105KB

Revision and Exams

DescriptionFile Size
Dealing with exam nerves PDF 104KB
Revision timetables PDF 134KB
The revision process PDF 419KB

Working in Groups

DescriptionFile Size
Allocating and developing team roles PDF 93KB
Being business like PDF 83KB
Getting the most out of seminars PDF 167KB
Introducing team work PDF 83KB
Starting to understand team process PDF 110KB
Starting to understand team strengths PDF 91KB

Thinking Skills

DescriptionFile Size
Mind maps PDF 545KB

Organisation and Time Management

DescriptionFile Size
Independent learning PDF 98KB


DescriptionFile Size
Presentations: signposting PDF 66KB
Presentations: top tips PDF 64KB