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Seminars and workshops

Approaches to translation quality: how long is a piece of string?

What is translation quality, and how can it be measured in a busy commercial environment with looming deadlines and varying client expectations?

Raisa McNab, Learning & Development Manager at Sandberg Translation Partners Ltd, a translator by training and a quality manager by vocation. Thursday 7 December at 15:00 in Park Building 1.23

Translation and Empathy

Does empathy have an influence in the translation process? Can it affect the translator's choices? Could it help novice translators identify their fields of specialisation? We will explore these questions in a relaxed presentation based on the case study about the English to Spanish translation of the book Buddhist Boot Camp. 

Elena Jiménez Alvarez, Professional Translator and MA in Translation Studies graduate. Thursday 18 January at 15:00 in Park Building 3.03

Financial Translation Seminar

This session  will  help  participants  learn  more  about  the  fundamental  aspects  of  financial  translation such as its main features and the most common problems faced by financial translators. We will look at a brief classification of the main types of financial texts, using a number of real-life examples , and we will also discuss other professional aspects, such as job opportunities, rates, potential employers, etc. Finally,  a  step-by-step  process  to  further  specialise  in  financial  translation  will  be  explained, including a number of interesting websites and online resources for those interested in further exploring this field.

Javier Gil. Financial Translator and partner of eQuality Financial Translation Services. Thursday 15 February at 15:00-17 in Park Building 1.09

Preparing your future career as a translator

A good CV and covering letter can be the door to a job opportunity, at the same time in this very competitive job market honing entrepreneurial skills are essential for success. During this seminar we will look at the skills that are needed in today’s translation profession.

Alexandra Hemingway (Careers adviser),  Eilish Gorse (Enterprise adviser) and Begoña Rodríguez (Senior Lecturer in Translation Studies). Thursday 15 March at 15:00 in Park Building 3.03


All sessions take place at 3pm in Park Building (except where stated).

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